27. Juni 2021

Virucidal efficacy of an ozone-generating system for automated room disinfection


J Steinmann, T Burkard, B Becker, D Paulmann, D Todt, B Bischoff, E Steinmann, FHH Brill




Besides conventional prevention measures, no-touch technologies based on gaseous systems have been introduced in hospital hygiene for room disinfection. The whole-room disinfectant device SterisafeTM Pro, which creates ozone as biocidal agent, was tested for its virucidal efficacy based on the NF T 72-281:2014 AFNOR Standard. All test virus titers were reduced after 150 and 300 minutes of decontamination with mean reduction factors (RF) ranging from 2.63 (murine norovirus) to 3.94 (simian virus 40). These results will help to establish realistic conditions for virus inactivation and assessment of efficacy of ozone technology against non-enveloped and enveloped viruses.