1. September 2021

ROBUST - Integrated Coating & Cleaning Concept for Offshore Structures


B Daehne, L Kuhn, J Wallis, T Heusinger von Waldegge, D Stübing, A Brinkmann, T Felder, P Kensboock


2nd Port In-Water Cleaning Conference PortPIC’21, Pontignano, 31 August - 1 September 2021, Seiten 48-65.


This paper describes the first experiences of the R+D project ROBUST with newly developed, non-biocidal and robust test coatings for Offshore constructions by the partners Fraunhofer IFAM and Momentive Performance Materials GmbH under the impact of brush cleaning and high-pressure cleaning. The test panels have been immersed by the Dr. Brill + Partner (DBP) Institute for Antifouling and Biocorrosion on the North Sea Island Norderney in different ways and have been cleaned in different intervals to simulate a long service-life. Additionally, a graduated concept of brushes has been developed to find out the best way of cleaning without damaging the surface of the hard coatings with foul-release properties. Cleaning efficacy and mechanical damages have been evaluated at regular inspections.