Efficacy tests Disinfectants according to DIN EN 14885 | Preservation load tests according to Pharm. Eur. 5.1. 3 USP, ISO 11930 | Efficacy tests antifouling products according to ASTM D3623-78a and ASTM D6990-20 | In vitro toxicity tests according to ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-23 | Validation reprocessing medical devices according to ISO 17664-1 and -2 | Efficacy tests antimicrobial and antiviral surfaces and treated articles according to ISO 22196, ISO 21702, ISO 20743 and ISO 18846 | Efficacy tests biofilm removal according to ASTM E2532 (CDC Reactor), ASTM 2799-12 (MBEC), ISO 85583-5 (flexible endoscopes) and according to Stürmer et al. (wound) | Tests on the resistance of car air conditioning systems to biofilms | Material tests on biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion | Investigations on microbially influenced metal corrosion | Implementation of research projects | Efficacy tests of household hygiene products according to EN 17658 | Preparation of registration documents for biocidal products