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7. März 2023

Quality control protocols, scope innovations, and training refinements - Results from the Endoscope Hygiene Experts Forum


B Kampf


Zentralsterilization | Volume 31 | 1/2023


From February 11–12, 2020, the Endoscope Hygiene Experts Forum (EHEF) held a roundtable discussion on the latest topics in the area of infection prevention in endoscopy. Renowned European and American experts from different professions came together in Berlin to discuss regional variations in endoscope processing requirements to create a better understanding of related key aspects for the prevention of infections. The discussions were moderated by Holger Biering, with each session co-hosted by a subject matter expert. Each session was opened by a short presentation by a selected participant or a guest speaker. The discussion of the topic was open to all of the experts. Even though the expert meeting took place some time ago, the results of the discussions are to be shared with a broad professional audience and are briefly summarized in the following report.