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4. März 2024

A comprehensive approach for evaluating the virucidal performance of domestic laundry detergents under practical conditions


J Konkol, B Becker, D Paulmann, E Steinmann, D Todt, T Meister, S Evers, M Weide, A Dotzauer, FHH Brill


Journal of Applied Microbiology | lxae052 | DOI:


Aims: We aimed to develop a method to assess the virucidal performance of domestic laundry in a lab-scale washing machine (Rotawash) based on EN 17658.

Methods and Results: For method development, virus recovery was investigated after drying on cotton carriers for three test viruses (MNV, MVA and BCoV), followed by washing simulations in flasks and Rotawash. MNV and MVA demonstrated sufficient recovery from carriers after drying and washing (up to 40°C and 60 min). BCoV exhibited lower recovery, indicating less relevance as a test virus. Rotawash efficacy tests conducted with MNV, a resistant, non-enveloped virus, showed limited efficacy of a bleach-free detergent, aligning with results from a domestic washing machine. Rotawash washes achieved higher reductions in infectious virus titers than suspension tests, indicating the role of washing mechanics in virus removal.

Conclusions: This study established a practical method to test the virucidal efficacy of laundry detergents in Rotawash, simulating domestic washing.