Successful candidacy: Dr. Florian Brill elected to the Plenum of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

In the 2020 plenary election of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the electoral alliance Starke Wirtschaft Hamburg, of which Dr. Florian Brill was also a member, was able to win 71 % of all votes. Dr. Florian Brill successfully ran in the electoral group "Services" for medium-sized companies and will now represent his goals in the plenary session of the Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Brill and the entire electoral alliance "Starke Wirtschaft Hamburg" would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and for your great support over the past few weeks. Dr. Brill said about his motivation before the election: "My goals are to reunite the chamber in order to achieve that honorary and full-time office work together again in an optimal way. I would like the Chamber of Commerce to be perceived again as the voice of Hamburg's economy, loud and clear. This is important in order to tackle the challenges facing the City of Hamburg on the issues of digital transformation, the shortage of skilled workers and the dilemma of "transport space" vs. "commercial space" vs. "living space" for a golden future for the city. SMEs in particular need a chamber of commerce with a 360° view, so that it can be at your side in all phases, from start-up, through transformation, innovation and the development of new business fields, internationalisation, and the training and further education of skilled workers. This is what I will fight for, always taking the values of a family entrepreneur and VEEK as my foundation. So that Hamburg becomes even more successful."